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Discover the best professional lawn care services in Roswell and enjoy spending time outside in your beautifully maintained yard. Let us take care of all your lawn care needs so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

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We want to provide flexibility for our customers and make our treatments as accessible as possible, so we never require contracts for any of our lawn care services.

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We are a locally owned lawn care company, which means we care about our customers. Our custom treatments ensure each home receives the lawn care solution it needs.

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Lawn Care in Roswell, GA

Are you tired of battling with your lawn on your own? Look no further than got lawn? Tree & Turf Care for all your local lawn care services in Roswell, GA. With over years of experience, our family-owned business offers same-day service and guarantees 100% satisfaction with our family-friendly treatments. Let us take care of your lawn so you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your yard.

  • Lawn Care: Our expert team will help maintain your lawn to perfection with a combination of our services. The service you receive will be specifically tailored to your yard and its needs.
  • Lawn Fertilization: Keep your grass green and healthy with our expert fertilization services.
  • Weed Control: Say goodbye to pesky weeds that detract from the beauty of your lawn.
  • Aeration and Seeding: Improve the health of your lawn with our aeration and overseeding services.
  • And More: From helping rid of lawn of disease to keeping it pest-free, our team is ready to help! Contact us today to get started.

Our lawn care services are designed to combat the challenges that the climate in Roswell, GA, presents for your yard. With got lawn? Tree & Turf Care, your lawn will thrive and look its best year-round.

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Year Round Care and Attention

Depending on the type of lawn you have, it may require different intensities of care at different times throughout the year. It’s a difficult process that requires precise timings and measurements to monitor your lawn to make sure that it is receiving the right treatments at the right time to promote great growth. All of our various lawn care packages provide you with 8 applications throughout the year, to provide your yard with all of the nutrients that it requires at any particular time. If at any point during your treatment schedule you are unsatisfied, we will do everything we can to rectify the issue, including free retreatments if necessary. 

Care for All Different Types of Grass 

Knowing what type of grass is growing in your lawn is an important first step to take when it comes to lawn care. You will find a number of common grass types in Roswell, and even a few uncommon. If you’re not sure what grass is in your lawn, we will perform a lawn care inspection and find out everything we need to know about your yard to give you the best, personalized treatment plan possible. Some of the grasses which we can help you with include: 

  • Bermudagrass.
  • Fescue Grass.
  • Centipede Grass.
  • Zoysia Grass.
  • And more!

Once we determine the strain of grass growing in your yard we can begin with any of our treatment plans, and you can rest assured that your grass will be receiving the exact care that it requires.

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Weed Control in Roswell, GA

The bane of any passionate gardener’s existence – weeds are a common and severe headache that we all deal with at some point. Just because they’re inevitable, doesn’t mean that you have to surrender your yard altogether. When you have dependable weed control in Roswell, GA, from a trusted and experienced lawn care company, you can count on your yard to stay healthy! From quick-acting spot treatments and strategic, long-term prevention service, we’re here to help you get rid of weeds in your yard for good, including:  

  • Chickweed
  • Clover
  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Dock
  • Henbit
  • Nutsedge
  • Unwanted grasses
  • And many more!

You don’t have to put up with unwanted weeds when you have Got Lawn? on your side. So if you’re sick and tired of looking out and seeing a yard that you don’t feel great about, give us a call and let us take it from there! 

Tree and Shrub Care in Roswell, GA

Trees and shrubs are a major part of your landscaping, and they can make or break your curb appeal. While it’s important to keep your ornamentals looking their best, many homeowners find that easier said than done. If you need help, trust our tree and shrub care in Roswell. We’ll keep your plants looking great year-round, guaranteed.

Our ornamental care services in Roswell, GA, includes:

  • An inspection of your property to assess the health of your trees and shrubs.
  • Treatment with EPA-approved products that protect your plants.
  • Eight treatments throughout the year, tailored to the time of year.
  • Dormant oil applications to prep your ornamentals for the winter.
  • Insect and disease control to prevent unsightly damage.

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Lawn Aeration in Roswell, GA

Promote a lush, vibrant yard with our liquid lawn aeration service in Roswell! Say goodbye to a weak, unhealthy lawn and hello to a thriving oasis. Our liquid aeration technique breaks up compacted soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots, promoting healthier turf.

Benefits of our lawn aeration in Roswell:

  •  Dethatches dead grass and organic buildup for a fresh start.
  •  Quick and efficient process with long-lasting results.
  •  Enhances soil structure, ensuring optimal water drainage.
  •  Boosts nutrient absorption, giving your lawn the nourishment it craves.

Experience the game-changing power of liquid aeration! Unlike traditional methods, our innovative process requires no heavy machinery or disruptive digging. With specific biostimulants and oxidizing materials, we create small cracks in the soil, allowing for better root growth.

Expect quick results and year-round benefits! Our lawn aeration service can be done at any time during the growing season. No need to mark obstacles like sprinkler heads or cable lines - we cover the entire lawn. Invest in the health and beauty of your yard with our lawn aeration in Roswell.

Armyworm Control in Roswell

Got Lawn? Tree & Turf Care is your go-to for expert armyworm control in Atlanta. Our top-notch services ensure you get the treatments you deserve. Say goodbye to those nagging pests and hello to the yard of your dreams. Contact our technicians today!

Armyworms are invasive caterpillars that can wreak havoc on your lawn overnight. They hide in turfgrasses during the day and feast on blades of grass at night, turning your lawn from green to brown in just a few hours. But fear not, we're here to help you fight back.

Our preventive treatment for armyworms provides season-long control with just one application. The earlier you treat, the better the results. Don't wait - get your lawn protected in June or July for the best outcome.

Benefits of our treatment include:

  •  Season-long control of all white grub species
  •  Management of fall armyworms, black cutworms, and sod webworms
  •  Control of billbug

What are you waiting for? Start with a free quote today and let us take care of your armyworm problem. Trust our expert team for armyworm control in Atlanta.

Mosquito Control in Roswell

Don't let pesky mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun! Our mosquito control in Roswell is here to save the day. Our expert mosquito exterminators have been tackling these blood-thirsty insects for over 20 years, so you can reclaim your yard and enjoy the fresh air without the annoyance.

Why choose our professional mosquito services?

  • Comprehensive yard inspection to identify breeding areas and hiding spots
  • Reliable and effective mosquito treatments applied throughout your yard
  • Optional monthly visits to keep mosquitoes from returning
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed with our monthly treatment program
  • Short-term mosquito-free yard for special events
  • Protection from dangerous diseases carried by mosquitoes, including Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, and more!

With our tailored treatment plan and skilled technicians, mosquitoes don't stand a chance. Say goodbye to itchy bites and hello to worry-free entertaining. Safeguard your family from mosquito-borne illnesses and enjoy the great outdoors again. Don't wait, contact us for the best mosquito control in Roswell today!

Eco-Friendly Lawn Treatments

With more and more store-bought products available for lawn care, it can get more complicated to treat your own grass. Not only do you need to evaluate the correct nutrients, but make sure that none of the ingredients in the treatments will prove toxic. When you partner with our team, you can be sure that we will only use EPA-approved products, providing you with the long-lasting improvement you desire and no environmentally harmful chemicals. With the extensive application training that all of our technicians receive, we are sure that you will be satisfied with all of our lawn services in Alpharetta and the rest of Greater Atlanta.

5 Star Review

Great company with them for 4years , they does a great job with my lawn

Pamela Hall
Alpharetta Office
5 Star Review

Awesome professional business. No hassle and my lawn is looking great

Matthew Schneider
Alpharetta Office
5 Star Review

Happy with service. Technician pays attention to detail and takes no shortcuts as other lawn care providers

Bill Norris
Alpharetta Office

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