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Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service for your satisfaction guaranteed. If you are ever unhappy with our service, we will re-treat your lawn at no additional cost to you.

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We want to provide flexibility for our customers and make our treatments as accessible as possible, so we never require contracts for any of our lawn care services.

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Lawn Care in Duluth

What does a lawn require? Consistency. At least that’s the approach that seems to work for us lawn after lawn! As a lawn care company, we offer packages that involve 8 treatments a year, one every 6 weeks. The result is feeding your yard exactly what it needs for every season.

Our treatments include applications in:

  • Late Winter 
  • Early Spring 
  • Late Spring 
  • Early Summer 
  • Summer
  • Fall 
  • Late Fall 
  • Winter 

These regular visits don’t just nurture your grass; they allow us to track its growth, catch any diseases or pests before they become a problem, and elevate the quality of care overall!

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Got Lawn Service Area

Locally Owned & Operated Since 1989

We have years of experience under our belt. That means we know exactly what your lawn in Duluth needs. We offer a variety of services to ensure that your grass is getting the right nutrients and care in order for it to thrive all year long. Trust the technicians with over 30 years of experience treating lawns just like yours.

The Best Care, No Commitment

Before we do anything to your grass, one of our certified lawn care technicians will conduct an inspection so we understand exactly what your turf needs, and so you know what to expect from us. And no need to fear being locked in. All our services are contract-free! Not in Duluth?

Weed Control in Duluth

You’ve put too much blood, sweat, and funds into your lawn for weeds to ruin it! No matter the weed species blemishing your lawn, we have effective and dependable methods of getting rid of weeds so you can have your dream lawn.

Our weed control services in Duluth offer:

  • A comprehensive weed inspection to identify the exact species in question.
  • A custom treatment plan that gets rid of weeds in the best way for you.
  • Pre- and post-emergent weed treatment that nips weeds in the bud.
  • Crabgrass killer to keep your lawn healthy.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee - If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll keep working until you are!

Tree & Shrub Care in Duluth

The trees and shrubs that grow throughout your yard can really make or break the curb appeal of your home. And nothing beats beautiful blooming trees and shrubs! Here at got lawn?, our expert technicians specialize in tree care and shrub care for ornamentals under 25 feet tall. If you want to increase shade and improve the overall appearance to give your home that touch of fantasy, we’ve got you covered.

When you choose us for tree and shrub care in Duluth, you can expect:

  • An initial evaluation to determine the health and needs of your plants.
  • An ornamental care plan designed for your unique trees and shrubs.
  • 8 treatments throughout the year to nourish and protect your plants.
  • Powerful fertilization that boosts spring blooming and robust health.
  • EPA-approved products that are safe for family and the environment.
  • Winter dormant oil applications to kill insect larvae in your tree’s bark.
  • Protection against insects and disease so your trees and shrubs thrive.

Along with providing consistent ornamental care, visiting your plants 8 times a year (once every 6 weeks) also gives our technicians plenty of touch points for proper tree and shrub care in Duluth, helping them to better track their health and catch maladies early on. 

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Liquid Lawn Aeration in Duluth

Your lawn is more than just grass—it's a living, breathing ecosystem that requires proper care and attention to thrive. Over time, compacted soil can suffocate your lawn, leading to a lack of vital nutrients and oxygen. Don't worry; our liquid aeration is here to revolutionize how you care for your lawn!

Why Your Lawn Needs Liquid Aeration:

  • Promotes Healthier Turf: Say goodbye to lackluster grass and hello to a lush, vibrant lawn. Liquid aeration works wonders in rejuvenating your turf, promoting robust root growth and overall lawn health.
  • Dethatching Delight: Bid farewell to unsightly thatch buildup with our liquid aeration service. By breaking down layers of dead grass and organic matter, we pave the way for a greener, more resilient lawn.
  • Quick Results, Long-lasting Treatments: Experience the magic of rapid transformation with liquid aeration. Our innovative process delivers quick results that stand the test of time, ensuring lasting benefits for your lawn.

Don't let compacted soil suffocate your lawn's potential. Turn to our liquid lawn aeration in Duluth and unlock the secret to a healthier, happier yard today!


Moquito Exterminator in Duluth

At got lawn?, we're your trusted allies in reclaiming your yard from these pesky bloodsuckers. With over years of expertise in mosquito control, we're dedicated to providing tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Why Choose Our Mosquito Service in Duluth:

  • Fogging: Say goodbye to mosquito hotspots with our fogging treatments, which effectively target and eliminate these bothersome pests from your yard.
  • EPA-Approved Liquid Sprays: Trust in the power of our EPA-approved liquid sprays to create a protective barrier against mosquitoes, ensuring long-lasting relief for you and your family.
  • Larvicides in Targeted Areas: By strategically applying larvicides in targeted areas, we prevent mosquito larvae from maturing into biting adults, effectively reducing the overall mosquito population.
  • Mosquito Traps: Our advanced mosquito traps are designed to lure and capture mosquitoes, providing an additional layer of protection for your outdoor space.

Protect Your Loved Ones from Disease

Mosquitoes aren't just annoying; they also pose a significant health risk to you and your family. Our mosquito control service helps safeguard against diseases such as Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, and more, ensuring peace of mind for you and your pets.

Don't let mosquitoes dictate your outdoor enjoyment. Choose our mosquito treatment in Duluth and reclaim your yard as a safe, mosquito-free haven for all your gatherings and relaxation moments. Experience the joy of an insect-free oasis today!

Armyworm Exterminators in Duluth

Tired of watching your lawn fall victim to armyworms? Don't despair! At got lawn?, we're armed and ready to tackle these invasive pests head-on, ensuring your yard remains vibrant and green. Discover the benefits of our armyworm control service in Duluth:

Features of Our Armyworm Control Service:

  • Season-Long Control: Bid farewell to recurring armyworm invasions with our comprehensive treatment plan. We offer season-long protection, safeguarding your lawn against these pests throughout the year.
  • Expert Extermination: Trust in the expertise of our seasoned technicians, who understand the insidious nature of armyworms. With precision and care, we exterminate these invaders, restoring your lawn to its former glory.
  • Tailored Solutions: No two armyworm infestations are alike. That's why we tailor our approach to suit your specific needs, ensuring targeted and effective eradication of armyworms from your lawn.
  • Prompt Action: Time is of the essence when dealing with armyworms. Our swift response ensures timely intervention, preventing further damage and preserving the health of your lawn.

Choose our armyworm control in Duluth and reclaim your yard from these persistent pests. Contact us today for a free quote and take the first step towards restoring the health and vitality of your lawn.

Looking for Service Around Duluth?

Our lawn experts in Alpharetta serve our neighbors across Greater Atlanta! Contact us today to take the first step toward a healthier yard!

5 Star Review

Love that the tech checked in before the service, explained the process, and clearly answered my questions. Very customer-service oriented.

Kelly Burns
Alpharetta Office
5 Star Review

Service is excellent. Technician is great, always keeps me informed.

Barney Matheson
Alpharetta Office
5 Star Review

They’re very professional, courteous and on time. Respect the property and treat my lawn honestly. Highly recommend this company!

Talat Iqbal
Alpharetta Office

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