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Lawn Care in Alpharetta

Here at got lawn? Tree and Turf Care, we’ve been caring for yards in Alpharetta for over ten years. In that time, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to create healthy, beautiful grass. We have over a decade of first-hand experience in the field, and we consistently train our team on the latest methods and advances in the industry. What does this mean for you? It means when you partner with us you’ll get the best service from the most experienced team. 

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Everything Your Lawn Needs to be Vibrant

In order for your lawn to stay healthy year-round, it needs consistent care and attention like anything else in life. Neglecting your grass even for just a little while could invite weeds, insects, and disease into your landscape bed, destroying all the work you’ve invested. We’ll provide your landscape bed with everything it needs to be vibrant and beautiful. Our services in Alpharetta include:

  • A free inspection and analysis to determine where your yard stands and what it needs to be healthy and lush.
  • Fertilization to help your grass' roots grow deep into the soil and promote healthy growth.
  • Pre-emergent weed control to prevent weeds from germinating and to treat existing ones.
  • Family-friendly treatments so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your children and pets.
  • The peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about your lawn!

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Liquid Lawn Aeration in Alpharetta

Promote a healthier turf with our liquid lawn aeration service in Alpharetta. Say goodbye to thatch and hello to vibrant, lush grass. Our quick and long-lasting treatments will have your lawn looking its best in no time. 

Our innovative liquid aeration techniques: 

  • Penetrates deep into the soil
  • Creates channels for oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the roots
  • Promotes stronger, healthier turf that can withstand stress and disease

Forget about traditional aeration methods that leave your lawn looking disheveled. Our liquid lawn aeration service is efficient and leaves no unsightly holes. Discover the magic of liquid aeration in Alpharetta. Watch as your lawn transforms before your eyes, becoming stronger and more vibrant with each treatment

Garden Bed Weed Control in Alpharetta

Weeds prevent healthy growth in bed areas. Fortunately, got lawn? can help! We offer treatments to quickly get rid of weeds in your beds and prevent them from sprouting again in the future.

Get Fast, Reliable Weed Removal

At got lawn? We offer effective bed weed control solutions for difficult to remove weeds like crabgrass, nutsedge, annual bluegrass, and more. Our technicians undergo extensive training to provide you with the best possible treatment for your satisfaction. When we service your home, you can rest assured knowing our treatments are 100% effective and will get rid of weeds in your landscape bed fast.

Our weed control in Alpharetta guarantees:

  • A thorough inspection of your property to determine the best course of treatment. 
  • Strategic treatments to attack present weeds in the spring and fall seasons.
  • Quick-acting spot treatment to get rid of weeds during hotter months.
  • Preventative treatments during the spring and fall seasons to keep your landscape bed areas weed-free year-round.

Tree and Shrub Care in Alpharetta

Keeping your trees and shrubs beautiful entails frequent maintenance and fertilization. Additionally, frequent maintenance ensures a healthier landscape. At got lawn? we do just that. We provide tree and shrub care in Alpharetta to keep your ornamentals both beautiful and healthy year-round.

Better Results with Proper Fertilization, Insect, and Disease Control

Are you searching for a tree service that really works and shrub care that makes your landscape look healthy all year long? At got lawn?, we are a group of highly-trained technicians committed to providing excellent treatments. With our services, we provide fertilization, disease control, and insect control to maintain your ornamentals long-term.

When you partner with us for tree and shrub care in Alpharetta, we will:

  • Inspect your landscape in order to develop the best treatment plan for your property.
  • Treat your ornamentals with family-friendly solutions for your peace of mind.
  • Fertilize your ornamentals properly to enhance your overall tree care and shrub care.
  • Offer preventative insect control and disease control for year-round protection.

Armyworm Control in Alpharetta

Our Armyworm control service in Alpharetta is designed for season-long protection against these invasive caterpillars. With our expert armyworm exterminators, you can rest assured that your property will be free from the destructive impact of these pests. The team of armyworm exterminators at Got Lawn? offers:

  • Season-Long Control: Our comprehensive service provides ongoing protection throughout the armyworm season, ensuring that your property remains armyworm-free.
  • Reliable Results: Our proven methods guarantee effective control and prevention of armyworm outbreaks, giving you peace of mind.
  • Customized Solutions: Our armyworm control service is tailored to meet the specific needs of your property, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Don't let armyworms wreak havoc on your lawn. Trust our armyworm control service in Alpharetta to keep your property protected and thriving. Call us today to schedule your armyworm extermination today

Mosquito Control in Alpharetta

Introducing our highly effective mosquito control service in Alpharetta, designed to eliminate these dangerous pests and protect your home and family. Say goodbye to annoying mosquito bites and itchy skin with our professional mosquito exterminators.

Protect your loved ones from the potential dangers of mosquito-borne diseases like: 

  • Zika
  • Dengue fever
  • West Nile virus
  • Heartworm disease

Say goodbye to DIY mosquito control products that only provide temporary relief. Contact us now to schedule your mosquito control service in Alpharetta and experience the difference of a mosquito-free property

Customer Service You Can Count On

Here at got lawn?, we are a locally-owned and family-operated lawn care company that cares about each and every one of our customers. Not only that, but we are also your fellow neighbors and big supporters in the community. Our certified professionals are dedicated to providing the best service possible to all those in our community. Our superior customer service staff is here to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to give us a call at any time! 

Not in Alpharetta? See Where Else We Service!

If you're looking for expert lawn care and don't reside in Alpharetta, we also service many other cities in the greater Atlanta metro:

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The personnel that work on the lawn are phenomenal. They are very knowledgeable on how to take care of the grass and help me better understand the steps to keep my grass healthy.

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