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We want to provide flexibility for our customers and make our treatments as accessible as possible, so we never require contracts for any of our lawn care services.

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We are a locally owned lawn care company, which means we care about our customers. Our custom treatments ensure each home receives the lawn care solution it needs.

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Lawn Care in Acworth

A trained eye saves hours of research and toil for the average homeowner. Whether you're in need of weed control, fertilization, armyworm control or everything in between, our technicians have what it takes to give you the curb appeal you deserve. If you’re curious to know what your lawn really needs, call one of our experienced technicians out to have a look. We’ll be able to tell you the strengths, weaknesses, and next steps for your lawn. 

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Got Lawn Service Area

Trust the Lawn Experts Georgia

More than 20 years as a lawn care company has helped us develop a program for ensuring any lawn gets what it needs year-round. Our lawn care packages include 8 applications every 6 weeks throughout the year, ensuring your turf has the nutrients it needs in every season.

Our lawn care packages include lawn applications in:

  • Late Winter 
  • Early Spring 
  • Late Spring 
  • Early Summer 
  • Summer 
  • Fall 
  • Winter 

With many touchpoints throughout the year, our lawn care technicians can deliver personalized care because we get to know your yard very well. We can determine exactly what it is going to need in order to thrive and continue to look healthy throughout every month of the year. Not in Acworth? Our technicians also provide lawn services in Alpharetta and the surrounding cities. 

You Can Count On Locally-Owned

We’re not some national lawn care company that can get away with shoddy work. We’re your neighbors and friends: Our pride is in our community and the work we do for our fellow community members. If you’re the kind of person who wants accountability for the services you pay for, got lawn? is the company for you.

No Binding Contacts for Your Convenience 

We know you don’t want to be constricted by a contract. That’s why our services are offered as one-time services where you don’t need to be tied in for 12 month periods. This allows you the flexibility to have lawn care when you want it and pay for the services that you really need.


Weed Control in Acworth

If you’re tired of pulling weeds by hand, you need our weed control in Acworth. We target stubborn growth like crabgrass, dandelions, and clover without damaging your existing landscaping. With our top-notch products and guaranteed results, there’s no one better for the job than got lawn?, the best lawn care company in Acworth.

When you choose our weed control in Acworth, we will:

  • Complete an inspection to locate weeds and assess your yard’s overall health.
  • Carefully treat existing weeds with post-emergent treatments.
  • Use pre-emergent solutions to stop new growth from germinating.
  • Give you long-lasting protection from weeds.

Tree and Shrub Care in Acworth

While ornamental trees and shrubs are the statement pieces of your landscape, their proper care is often neglected. This results in them looking less vibrant as time goes on. You could take the time to research what needs to be done, or contact the highly trained lawn care technicians at got lawn? We will be able to quickly evaluate and recommend the best care to increase your property’s beauty and curb appeal. 


Locally-Owned and -Operated

Got lawn? is a lawn care company that specializes in ornamental trees and shrubs and making sure they grow back better every year. Each custom tree and shrub care plan includes 8 applications spaced throughout the year to feed your landscape and protect it from insects and disease. After a free inspection of your landscape, our tree and shrub care in Acworth includes a treatment plan that will have: 

  • dormant oil application to prevent insects and fungal disease in the winter.
  • Seasonal insect and fungal disease treatments to enhance the health of your trees and shrubs.
  • Applications of slow-release fertilizers that are optimized for each stage of the growing season.
  • The use of EPA-approved solutions for the safety of your family and your pets.
5 Star Review

Amazing Professionalism and knowable of the service performed and why.

Ray Singer
5 Star Review

Got Lawn did a great job for my neighbor, and I asked for a referral. Technician was friendly and answered all my questions. I recently put Zeon Zoysia sod down and I want to protect my investment.

John McAlister
5 Star Review

Professional, on-time service! Great customer service!

Vera Wen

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