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Fight Back Against an Armyworm Infestation

When you’re looking for lawn care in Atlanta you want a company you can trust. That’s why we offer top-notch, quality services to all of our neighbors. Contact your technicians today and see how we can help you create the yard of your dreams and get rid of armyworms throughout your yard.

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Armyworm Control in Georgia

Lawn suffering with armyworms

Armyworms are an invasive type of caterpillars that can destroy your lawn overnight. These pests typically nest in turfgrasses and hide below the surface during the day, emerging at night to dine on blades of grass. In a matter of hours, they’ll cause your lawn to turn from green to brown or blighted and can work their way through the neighborhood. 

Single Treatment Applications That Work

Fortunately, the team at got lawn? Tree & Turf Care is here to help you fight back. Our treatment for armyworms is a preventive treatment, which provides season-long grub control in a single application. The earlier the treatment is applied, the better the results will be, so we advise treatment in June or July. The key benefits of this treatment include: 

  • Season-long control of every white grub species
  • Season-long management of fall armyworms and other caterpillars such as black cutworms and sod webworms
  • Control of billbug

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Skip the DIY Treatments and Trust Our Professionals

While there are some treatment options you could try on your own, it’s often difficult to completely eradicate armyworms without the help of professionals. Some DIY treatments can oftentimes make these infestations worse. Call got lawn? Tree & Turf Care today to get expert help in treating your lawn and restoring its beauty before the next armyworm invasion hits. 

What is an Armyworm and Why Should You be Concerned

Armyworms are a breed of invasive caterpillars that feast on your lawn. They can vary in color from dark green to a brown color, they have long, orange, white, and brown stripes down the sides of their body, and grow up to 1.5in in length. They are a common species here in Atlanta and have been known to destroy lawns across the state. If an armyworm infestation takes over your lawn there is little that you can do in order to keep your lawn green and healthy. They attack the grass and will leave you with a dull lifeless lawn. By contacting our team we can help you get rid of an armyworm infestation and keep your lawn looking its best. 

Areas We Service in Georiga

We aim to offer armyworm control to as many neighbors as we can. In an effort to accomplish this, we offer service to a variety of locations within the state of Georgia. Our broad-cast net ensures we are accessible to many within our community. We offer armyworm control in the following locations:

  • Acworth
  • Alpharetta
  • Canton
  • Cumming
  • Duluth
  • Johns Creek
  • Marietta
  • Roswell
  • Suwanee 
  • And others!

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