Preparing your Turf and Shrubs for the Winter Season in Alpharetta

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Winter is a time of year that many people dread. It's cold, it's dark, and there are often several days where you can't leave the house without being covered from head to toe. But winter doesn't have to be all bad! In fact, if you prepare your turf and shrubs for the coming months now, you'll be rewarded with beautiful gardens in the springtime.

How do you prepare turf for winter?

  • Before the first frost in your area, cover turf with a layer of mulch. This will help insulate it from extreme temperatures over the winter months. It can also reduce weed growth during this time period.
  • Be sure to aerate any areas that have become compacted over the summertime after you've applied your mulch.
  • Rake up any debris that is lingering around your yard.
  • Apply a good layer of compost to the soil. This will help your turf become healthier and greener in the springtime!

How do you take care of turf grass in the winter?

All of your wintertime lawn care will need to take place prior to the first frost of the season. After that, your lawn will be dormant and any amount of fertilizer and care won't help the look of your lawn come springtime.

How do I prepare my bushes for winter?

  • Inspect your bushes for any broken or damaged branches.
  • Trim away at the dead and dying leaves on your shrubs to help open up its canopy a bit more. This will allow for better air circulation during the winter months which can reduce disease incidence in your plants next year!
  • Apply mulch around the base in order to insulate them for the winter.
  • Apply a winterizing fertilizer to give your plants the nutrients they need for next season.

In addition, remember that during the fall months you should be irrigating less frequently than in warmer weather. Your irrigation system will likely stay on longer compared to other seasons because it needs to compensate for lower temperatures and wind speeds which pull moisture from plant leaves

Can I do winter lawn care by myself?

Winterizing your turf and shrubs in Alpharetta is not difficult to do by yourself. Simply feed your lawn and shrubs nutrients, apply mulch around the base of plants, reduce watering frequency during the colder months, and assess for disease symptoms are all things that can be done with minimal effort on your part.

However, it’s still best if you contact a local lawn care company like Got Lawn to help you out.

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